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Group Introduction


Founded in March 1986, Youyi Adhesive Tape Group is a modern enterprise producing different varieties of adhesive tapes, packaging materials, films, paper, and chemical. Over the past 30 years, Youyi has established manufactuering plants across South East Asia. Furthermore, Youyi has stepped into the field of real estate, e-commerce, and hotel in recent years. The total manufacturing plants cover more than 2.8 million square meters (Approx. 30,000,000 square feet) with over 6,000 employees including 100 R&D technicians across the world. With the operation of six BOPP films manufacturing lines and over 160 BOPP coaters, Youyi Group is one of the largest BOPP tape manufacturers in the world. Youyi Group also operates six PVC extruders and ten PVC coaters to satisfy the industrial market around the world. In addition to plastic film, Youyi Group also operates its own paper mill plants to produce paper backing for masking, WASHI, craft paper and water activated tapes.


Youyi Group has acquired Apex Pro America in February, 2020 as a stepping stone to bring all of Youyi's products to America. Since the acuquisition, Apex Pro America is now the ultimate source for all of your tapes and films needs including heat sealable films used in the flexible packaging industry.

Apex Pro America is also entering the American overlamination market with the strongest commitment in services and competitive pricings that is looking to make a big impact on America's overlamination market.